Our Pilates Equipment

The Reformer is the most commonly used piece of Pilates equipment. The spring-loaded resistance machine is one of the gentlest ways to tone muscle, strengthen joints and realign the body.

The Cadillac,Tower or trapeze table, includes a push-through bar, a rollback bar and leg straps. The apparatus is designed to encourage the body to move more efficiently and fluently, using all the core movements learned on the Reformer.

Mat involves numerous exercises that are performed in various positions on the mat and may additionally utilize circles, balls, foam roller or bands. Mat classes are the most affordable option offered.

The dual-function Wunda chair was originally designed as both exercise equipment and furniture. Although simple in design, the Wunda chair is the most difficult to master, as many exercises require users to lift their own body weight, using their core to accomplish this. The Wunda chair is a fabulous piece of equipment to rehab after knee and hip surgery.

The Ladder Barrel is designed for core conditioning and stretching. Its rungs simulate a ballet barre, accommodating varying strengths and degrees of flexibility. While a simple looking piece of equipment, it has been called a torture machine by tight hamstring folks! Tight hamstrings lead to lower back pain!

Ped-o-pull works to improve standing posture, strengthen the muscles around the shoulder girdle (rotator cuff work) and really strengthens the core muscles. Added on to all that, additional exercises can help strengthen the knees and ankles, with focus on correct alignment as the knees bend.

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